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Where to Stay

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Welcome to Santo Domingo. The first city of the new world!

Santo Domingo is the oldest city in America and one of the most developed and cosmopolitan capital in the Caribbean.

Since being founded in 1496 by Bartolome Colon, the city is full of life and displays a cultural mixture. These lands received the first European vessels, from which they left on hundreds of expeditions in search of new lands in the new world, Which is why it is considered the city with the most history and
with the oldest Spanish constructions on the continent.

Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990. Nowadays important hospitality and industrial projects have been developed, positioning it as one of the most advanced cities in the region, with more than four million inhabitants and many enjoyable places for art, music, sports, food, and culture enthusiasts. Also, be ready to explore some of the best beaches in the world in no more than three hours by road.

Amazing Downtown apartments in paraiso

We have two One bedroom apartment in the center of the city of Santo Domingo, in a modern tower of 8 levels with the following:

Amenities Include: Essentials Elements, Kitchen, Air conditioning, Hangers, Iron, TV, Private entrance, Wifi, Gym, Elevator, Terrace, Full electric plant, 24 hour security, Roofed parking.

Near to: Shopping centers, restaurants, laundry, beauty salon, spa, cinemas, pharmacies, car rental, car wash, ice cream shop, bakery, hospitals, etc.


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